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Vouchers and made of paper printing
          Computer paper printing is an important part of business forms printing, its application departments of taxation, banking, transportation, post and telecommunications, and other important industries. Because most of paper has a certain value, taller also to the requirement of printing quality, therefore, need to take a certain amount of anti-counterfeiting means at the same time. All kinds of paper in the form of differ in thousands ways, but not in all sizes, number the uniqueness of identification instrument, at the same time have a certain security role
          Computer paper printing is made according to certain form, specify a duty pay a monetary amount of documents, is the evidence that the cashier or delivery of the goods. Generalized paper referring to all kinds of securities, such as bonds, stocks, bill of lading, etc. Special paper refers to only to pay the money for the purpose of securities, issued by the drawer according to the negotiable instrument law, namely by oneself unconditionally pay certain amount or entrust others unconditionally pay certain amount to the payee or bearer a negotiable securities. In our country, the paper bills of exchange, cheque and promissory notes. Paper generally refers to a business issued by the drawer, unconditional agreement yourself or others will be asked to pay a certain amount, transfer of negotiable securities, the holder of the certificate of a certain power.

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