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The effect of the printing and production development
          In recent years, with the development of technology, a kind of anti-counterfeiting security technology arises at the historic moment, designed by super line software security background is carried out by multiple vector line of irregular deformation and special effects, anti-fake design completed in the plate making, implementation in the printing, do not need to add additional processing cost.
          Sees the effect can be used alone, also can be combined with other effects, resulting in a great visual effect. Lace is made by one or a few lines elements formed by the continuous replication of hollow frame graphics. Totally enclosed and semi-enclosed, single lace and double lace. Because of the characteristic of the frame type modelling lace itself, it is often not with the other printing content overlap, so it can use a little bright beautiful colour, in the paper printing surrounding adornment effect more.
          We produce perforated duplicate printing is suitable for all kinds of stylus printer, computer printing paper products printing go smooth paper documents, hole location accurate, not easy broken paper; Gathering in multilayer computer printing paper printing, printing good synchronization, documents form is good. Adopts full wood pulp carbon paper, carbon effect is good, clear printing, design layout, unique barcode recognition level higher.
          At the same time can also be applied to various government departments/enterprise/bank/hospitals, using the stylus printer realize the computer paper forms set to play, and for the color and color paper documents/special quick get hole computer paper printing processing, and playing computer paper documents.