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POS signed purchase specifications and models of alone
    Processing custom is type thermal paper
    Thermal paper specifications 80 * 80 (mm)
    Layer single brand, the world
    Packaging specifications 50 volumes in a wooden case
    Weight (g/m2) of 60 normal gloss
    Thickness (0.07 mm)
    A. The bank ATM machine roll of paper
    Specifications: 75 mmx80mm many other specifications
    Packing: in rolls
    Purpose: the financial system, the banking industry
    Service: our company is the pearl river delta industry major suppliers, the company set up a production base in guangzhou, the radiation at home and abroad, hainan, kunming, changsha, wuhan, Shanghai, fujian, guiyang, chongqing and Hong Kong, Macao and other places of sales and service network.
    2. Product specifications:
    L. monochrome to four-color printing, don't need pay plate making fee
    2. 5 cases of POS signed order for minimum. Low quantitative requirements for clients in the special holiday sales to provide a more professional image, and constantly changing to meet the needs of customers personalized in retail.
    3. Professional design, free finalized
    4 provide a wide range of ink meet the needs of customers a variety of colors and effects, including UV ink.
    3. The value of the package
    L. POS signed order for professional printing services to satisfy the customer through the cashier paper information to improve their company's brand and products
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